Who's on the Board

The Board of the ASA is made up of:


• John Pratt (Chairman – ASMC)

• Paul Schembri (Deputy Chair - CANEGROWERS)

• Mike Barry (ASMC)

• Greg Beashel (QSL)

• Kevin Borg (Central Region Sugar Group)

• Allan Dingle (CANEGROWERS)

• John Gorringe (ASMC)

• Michael Pisano  (Herbert Regional Group)

• Ron Swindells (SRA)

Link to the Global Sugar Alliance

The Global Alliance for Sugar Trade Reform and Liberalization brings together 85% of the world cane sugar exports. Global Sugar Alliance members (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, India, Guatemala, South Africa and Thailand) are active advocates to improve the world sugar trading environment. Members work to ensure fair and equal treatment of sugar and ethanol in WTO negotiations on agriculture on governments to remove restrictions that prevent fair access to competitively produced sugar and ethanol.


You can visit the Global Sugar Alliance website by clicking here